Teaching music, our Passion.

My Music Skool is one of the fastest growing premiere music schools that offers broad and comprehensive programs with an emphasis on learning the joy of music performance. We offer instruction for all instruments including piano, drum, guitar, strings, brass, wind, vocal performance, and composition. In addition to private lessons, My Music Skool also offers a range of group lessons, birthday parties, music camps, recitals, and workshops.

We believe that music is an integral component in a person’s total development. Our instructors set a high standard of teaching that will enable a student to enjoy and benefit from music study for the rest of his/her life. It is our goal to help our students become the best musicians they can be, based on a solid foundation of note-reading, rhythmic skills, music theory, ear training, and artistic expression and composition. Our intention is to send students into adulthood with the ability to self-teach, and thereby continue the enjoyment and enrichment that music can bring to the rest of their lives.